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10 October 2015 @ 04:38 pm
Lost Girl fanfiction: Temporary Fix (1/6)  
Title: Temporary Fix (1/6)
Author: chinesebakery
Characters: Dyson/Kenzi
Summary: During Dyson's darkest hours, Kenzi is determined to show him he can count on her. And not only because she's been harboring a major crush on him. Season 2 story. Dyson/Kenzi with mentions of Bo/Dyson, Bo/Lauren, Bo/Ryan.
Rating: Teen
Length: 1,000
A/N: Many thanks to hotladykisses for beta-reading.

"I've got you under my skin where the rain can't get in."
– The The

I. It stings

In theory, Kenzi was all in favor of her Bo having her socks rocked off her feet. And restoring her kickass self to full capactity while she was at it? Always a welcome bonus. Really, she was cool with all of it. But as much as she didn't want her BFF to bleed out on the rug or literally die of sexual frustration, the whole mess of a situation was driving Kenzi one hundred percent certifiable faster than…

"Ooooooh." An indistinct moan – Bo's or Dyson's? Both of them in perfect harmony? So compatible, those two – interrupted whatever thought process she was still capable of holding in such a hostile home environment.

As fond as she had grown of the derelict building she and Bo called home, there was no denying its soundproofing left much to be desired. And lately, she had been given the opportunity to verify that fact with alarming regularity.

Kenzi readjusted her headphones and cranked the volume up to ten. No improvement whatsoever. Maybe she should take up knitting or something. Any activity that might distract her from the sound of her roomie riding their mutual friend like a prize pony had the potential to vastly improve her evenings and weekends.

She picked up the book she had dumped on the couch moments earlier, only to find herself reading the same sentence again and again. Damn. Did they really need to be so loud?


It bothered her more than she cared to admit.

Not needing to know that much about her bestie was certainly a part of it, although if she was honest with herself, it had more than a little something to do with who she was rodeoing with.

Ever since she had walked in on Dyson, half-naked and entirely edible, the morning after his first night with Bo, she had been reluctantly intrigued. To her dismay, it was only worsening the better she got to know him, furry side and all. And now, she was gaining second-hand knowledge of his groans and moans and various assorted sexy-times sounds. Not awkward at all.

It wasn't that she wanted to have his wolf puppies or anything. She wasn't so blinded by lust or whatever that she hadn't noticed he could be a class A prick, as well as an inconsiderate manwhore. What did it say about her daddy issues that it kind of turned her on?

Kenzi may have been a con artist, but she had some principles -- some rules were meant to be broken, while others were paramount. If, of all the available chi-snacks, Bo's peculiar appetite was set on Dyson, then that was the end of it. His luscious lower abs were off limits entirely.


A loud thud came from the spot located precisely above Kenzi's head, making her start. Faint laughter followed, before the rhythmical torture resumed, even closer and noisier now they were going at it on the floor. Some white dust fell off from the ceiling like it only did in cartoons, ruining Kenzi's coffee in the process.


Why couldn't Bo go to the E.R. like a normal person just once?

Kenzi regretted that thought the moment it finished forming inside her head. Bo was in pain, she needed help, and as it turned out, help came in the form of the naked favors of a man Kenzi wouldn't mind getting some sexual healing from herself.

She would get over it. Eventually.

She looked around and found a discarded magazine. Any advice on the proper etiquette of lusting after your succubus best friend's oblivious main squeeze? No? Figures.

Kenzi cringed and covered her ears as the moans grew louder and louder.


When Bo joined her in the living room, wearing only her kimono and looking satisfied and radiant, there were no traces of the nasty cuts that were defacing her body mere hours earlier, courtesy of some knife-clawed creature that would surely proceed to haunt both of their nightmares.

"All good?" Kenzi asked, not quite meeting her eyes. "Did the magic dick do the trick?"

"Yes," Bo trailed voluptuously, pouring herself a glass of water. "I'm all fixed up," she added, turning around theatrically.

Kenzi forced a smile. She knew Bo didn't flaunt, boast, or brag. If anything, Kenzi was the one at fault.

"You didn't put wolfman in a coma, did you?"

"He'll live," Bo grinned. "He's resting. For now... " she trailed.

"Dude, don't kill the medicine. You never know when you might need it. Migraines… Broken toes…"

"Edward Scissorhands?"

"Yes. Exactly," Kenzi agreed, pointing her finger in Bo's direction.


When Dyson finally joined them, with his shirt draped over his arm, Kenzi spotted fresh scratches all over his lean back. All that playing doctor with Bo was definitely taking its toll. His cheeks were a bit hollower than before they started boinking. Dark circles had formed under his eyes. He looked exhausted, drained.

Not that Bo would ever notice. But Kenzi did, as much as she wished she didn't, and it did funny things to her. Gave her bizarre urges. She wanted to take care of him. Scratch his fur while he slept with his head in her lap like a good Doggy. Dress his wounds, kiss them better. Sponge-bathe him, if necessary.

He and Hale had taken to jokingly call her "Mama", but all those impulses didn't feel very motherly to her. There were ludicrous, absurd, and oh-so-very wrong. But motherly? Nope.

Without a word, Dyson kissed Bo's temple and shrugged on his shirt, barely acknowledging Kenzi’s presence.

For as long as she could remember, Kenzi had been one to get what she wanted. When it wasn't given to her, she took it. She had never been in that situation in her entire adult life -- having someone else's needs matter more than hers. Her friendship with Bo was of the life-altering variety, and she cherished it above all else. She could play second-fiddle to Bo, no problem.

Still, it stinged.

"Dang, did I forget to take off my invisibility cape again? Phew. So light and comfortable, that thing."

"Night, Kenz," he said over his shoulder with a half-smile. An afterthought, once more.

"So what, D-man, no jammy party tonight?" she called after him. "Our joint's not classy enough for you?"

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