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26 October 2015 @ 06:44 am
Lost Girl Fanfiction: Temporary Fix (2/6)  
Title: Temporary Fix (2/6)
Author: chinesebakery
Characters: Dyson/Kenzi
Summary: During Dyson's darkest hours, Kenzi is determined to show him he can count on her. And not only because she's been harboring a major crush on him. Season 2 story. Dyson/Kenzi with mentions of Bo/Dyson, Bo/Lauren, Bo/Ryan.
Rating: Teen
Length: 1,200
A/N: Many thanks to hotladykisses for beta-reading.

Previously | II. It bleeds

It was a pain she wasn't entitled to feel, a treason that wasn't hers to agonize over. She couldn't talk about it, wouldn't even try putting it into words. The mere concept of that felt too dangerous to even consider. Whatever it was she felt, she made a point of burying as deep as it would go.

Bo was suffering, and it was a hideous thing to witness. She was a ball of light, her Bo, and no one was allowed to dim her shine.

Dyson wasn't himself anymore. There had always been a darkness to him, but when the Norn had dug into him, she had pulled him inside out and reset him in such a way that nothing could keep the shadows away anymore.

When their paths crossed again, he was cold and aloof, indifferent to Bo's anguish, looking right through Kenzi. Soon enough – too soon – he took to parading a string of conquests at the Dal. That little straw thoroughly julienned the proverbial camel's back.

So, yes, maybe summoning Baba Yaga on his ass had been an idiotic move -- Kenzi was willing to acknowledge that much. People did all kinds of dumb shit when they were in pain, didn't they? And Kenzi was hurting badly. On behalf of Bo, of course. Anything for Bo.

He had forgiven her, or so he said. They were on speaking terms, at any rate, although if the conversation ever digressed from shop talk, they rarely exchanged anything but platitudes.

It was all very cordial. Yet it felt as if she had lost much more than her best friend's lover.


Everything changed after the Night of the Body Swappers.

Which had been an interesting event, as life-threatening paranormal adventures went. Maybe they should make that a regular occurrence. Find themselves a gorgon pal with some magic blood to spare, throw some kooky meat-suit parties to spice up a dull weekend. Just an idea.

Knowing what Dyson had been forced to sacrifice was one thing. Experiencing it first hand, spending time in his skin, being directly plugged into his emotions, came with a brand new perspective on All Things Wolfie.

She felt the sorrow, the despair, the emptiness that made everything seem so insignificant to him now.

She saw Bo through his eyes, felt the missing pieces there. How harrowing it was, knowing what it should feel to be near her and finding that replaced with a great big void.

She knew how sincerely he wanted to return Ciara's feelings, but couldn't.

It was seriously fucked up, what had been done to him. Before long, she'd have to have a word with that Norn person and tell her a piece of her mind.

The most troubling for Kenzi, perhaps, was to see herself from his perspective. There was tenderness, no real surprise there, but it was all tangled up with a lot of ambivalent stuff. Affection and annoyance, trust and overbearing protectiveness… lust, too, with a fair share of guilt. Even when she was standing next to her succubus BFF, he noticed the barely-there skirts, the necklines down-to-there, the impossibly high heels.

More disturbingly, he was also aware of her silent pining for him, had been so for a long time. It amused him as much as it pleased him. And for a few hours that night, Dyson had enjoyed a high speed landline to her very private self, her repressed urges, her fantasies.

In the weeks that followed, Kenzi deliberately avoided the Dal. Her mortification was amplifying over time, driving her to bypass a well-deserved beer – or three – after a hard day's work.


Two weeks had passed since The Incident and although Kenzi couldn't shake away how embarrassed and exposed she felt, her avoidance strategy was proving harder to enforce with each passing day. She had been sitting alone at the bar for all of two minutes after Bo's departure – some late "work" session with the Doc, again – when Dyson sat beside her.

"You can't ignore me forever, Kenz," he said, looking ahead. She mimicked him, focusing on Trick's liquor selection.

"Uh, sure I can. Just watch me," she said, throwing her bag's strap over her shoulder. He stopped her with a hand on her wrist.

"Come on. Stay. We should talk."

"Don't you have anything better to do than pestering a poor little human? Where's your sugar mama?"

"We broke up. She deserved better. More than I have to give, anyway."

"Oh." Their eyes finally met, but didn't hold for long. "Sorry, I guess."

"Yeah," he sighed.

"What do you want from me, Dyson? Really?"

"I wanted to tell you I'm... grateful. That you kept my secrets."

"Yeah, no problem," she said, and patted his arm before jumping off her stool.

"I've kept yours as well," he said quietly.

With a theatrical sigh, she sat back down.

"What is this, a game of Truth or Dare? I choose 'dare'. Always, always 'dare'."

"Why am I not surprised?"

"You know, when you said you had 'lost your passion for her', I thought it meant you couldn't get it up."

When he only gave her a warning look, she started rambling.

"Look, I'm sorry this happened to you. I've seen it. I've felt it. I don't know how you deal with that, like, every hour of every day. I mean, you could be a little less of a dick about it, but I'll give you a pass because it blows to epic proportions. And whatever I… Whatever you think you know about me, it doesn't matter. I'm just the meek little human sidekick. You're Bo's obnoxious ex. Nothing to see here."

"Don't do that. You may be human, but you're a force to be reckoned with."

"Damn right, I am."

"I've missed you, you know. Not just Bo. You too."

She hadn't realized how much she needed to hear that from him, after all those weeks pretending she could switch off caring about him.

"I've missed you too, furball," she admitted, bumping her shoulder against his.

Kenzi turned to study his face and noticed for the first time how sallow he looked, as if he hadn't slept for days. She was aware of the mounting tension between him and Hale. The siren was growing very loquacious about Dyson's social shortcomings and erratic conduct on the job, but Kenzi was beginning to wonder if Hale wasn't downplaying the situation somehow.

"Are you okay?" she asked, cupping his cheek. "Really?"

Dyson was a rock, and anchor. Always there to save her when she needed to be. It wasn't like him to waver. If he could break, what chance did people like her stand to stay whole?

He smiled bitterly before emptying his beer.

"I could use a friend."

"I'm sorry, D-man," she said as her arms hooked around his neck. He smelled good, something piney that made her wonder if it was from aftershave or some alone time in the wild.

It didn't take much to tower over her, but there was a primal satisfaction to being wrapped in the arms of a big, strong man. In fact, it felt so good she didn't care to tell him that he held her too hard and she could hardly breathe.

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