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26 October 2015 @ 07:02 am
Lost Girl Fanfiction: Temporary Fix (3/6)  
Title: Temporary Fix (3/6)
Author: chinesebakery
Characters: Dyson/Kenzi
Summary: During Dyson's darkest hours, Kenzi is determined to show him he can count on her. And not only because she's been harboring a major crush on him. Season 2 story. Dyson/Kenzi with mentions of Bo/Dyson, Bo/Lauren, Bo/Ryan.
Rating: Teen
Length: 1,500
A/N: Many thanks to hotladykisses for beta-reading.

Previously | III. It burns

Nothing changed much. Not in any way that mattered. On the surface, they were merely closer friends than before. And although everyone pretended not to notice, there was an undercurrent of something between them that Kenzi just wouldn't dig into.

It was a beer shared from the same glass in a quiet corner while Bo's birthday party raged on. Or casual touches, thigh against thigh, while they sat at the Dal with Bo and Hale. Conspiratorial looks whenever Ryan – Bo's über-douche of a new piece – showed his face or when the Doc drama heated up again.

She would sit on his desk at the station after hours when she needed fae intel, and feel way too pleased to find him glancing insistently up her legs. And whenever he left the Dal with yet another companionable-looking female, who could as well be nameless and faceless for all the attention he seemed to be paying them, he made a point of looking at her squarely on his way out.

Dare you to do something. Anything.


It was the Garuda, Kenzi kept telling herself. All the faes were being affected by the beast's vibes of doom and gloom, clashing and bitching when they should be banding together. Surely the monster's influence played a part in Dyson's increasingly messed up behavior.

But not everyone was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The night after the whole Cherufe fiasco, Hale, Kenzi's boyfriend-for-the evening, stayed over to share a well-deserved celebratory glass of wine with her and Bo. His assessment of the situation was quite bleak.

"Don't bet on Dyson," Hale said as they counted their allies. " Besides, I wouldn't fight at his side anyway. Not anymore."

Kenzi wanted to argue, but couldn't find anything to say that didn't sound like a deflection.

She hadn't been particularly pleased to learn that Dyson was busy getting his freak on with Hale's sister while she was narrowly escaping being charcoal-broiled, but she wasn't even remotely? ready to give up on him yet.

"Well, I would," she finally said, as her dejection turned into irritation. "I definitely would fight at his side. I'd have his back, even. Is that going to be a problem?"


"I think I need some air," she announced, only half-lying.

She got to her feet, pulling her too-tight lamé dress in place as gracefully as she could – that thing wasn't designed to sit or breathe in – and determined she was just the right amount of pissed off to face an antagonistic wolf-man. Fae-apocalypse was upon them, it was time to go about it head on. Dyson’s hotheadedness was looking more and more like a bona fide death wish, and she was through watching him from the sideline.


Kenzi had been banging on his door with the subtlety of a battering ram for a solid minute when he finally deigned to open the door.

He looked her up and down with a disdainfully raised eyebrow and it was all she could do not to huff and stomp with frustration. A sparkle of humor gleamed in his eyes for just a moment before it disappeared. She pushed passed him more forcefully than was strictly necessary and turned to stare at him, her arms crossed over her chest.

Dyson's bleak gym-turned-loft looked sinister as ever, very torture-porn chic.

There was a fresh bruise high on his check, courtesy of Hale. He had been getting in a lot of fights lately, but being punched in the face by his best friend was surely a new low.

"Does your boyfriend know you're here?"

"Hale? No, I don't think so. If he did, he'd say I’m just wasting my time."

"That's cop instinct talking. You should pay attention."

"Could you maybe pause the jackass mode for a minute and try to have an actual conversation?"

He mockingly waved her to proceed. Kenzi uncrossed her arms, wishing her hands would stop shaking.

"You want to pretend I'm just the tiny human pet with the hair and the clothes and the glorious, glorious boots? Suit yourself. I've been dealing with people not taking me seriously my entire life. But I notice things. I know things. And I know what's going on with you. You keep being a complete asshole to Hale and pushing away all the few friends you have left. It's like you don't know your place in the world and everybody's gotta pay for that. But you know what? It's not the end of the world. A lot of humans spend a major chunk of their lives wondering what the hell they're supposed to do with their time here and most of them soldier through their existential crisis without being such massive pricks to their besties. What do you suppose is gonna happen, uh? You think we're gonna let you brood to death?"

"Are you done?"

"Not quite, but feel free to jump in any time."

"Look, I know you mean well…"

"Uh, are you operating under the impression that I'm not epically mad at you already?"

"... but you have no beef in this thing. Your best option is to pack your things and go about your life. Find a little human boyfriend or whatever makes you happy. Live a normal life, away from the fae."

"You're a freaking idiot, you know that?" She took a step closer so she could shove him backwards with all her strength. "How long do you plan to have a sulk and feel sorry for yourself?"

“What's holding you back, do you even know? Maybe you really need to be owned, after all.” He shoved her back. There wasn't much force to it, but enough for her to almost lose her balance and audibly huff.

Okay, then. We're done playing nice.

She slapped him hard on his already marked cheek. Despite the instant burn spreading across her fingers, she was about to strike him again when his hand suddenly wrapped around her neck. And then, just as suddenly, his mouth was on hers.

She had thought about kissing him before, of course. Dyson himself knew that only too well. But of all the scenarios that had run through her head, she had never imagined that when it finally happened, they would be so absolutely furious with one another, or that it would translate to instant, imperious lust.

She had never known a first kiss like that. There was nothing gentle or polished about it. He seemed about ready to devour her. She might have been offended, if the circumstances were different.

She pulled his annoyingly perfect hair when he bit the thin skin of her neck.

When he found the zipper of her dress, she shook it off and kicked it away along with her heels. His hands were everywhere, as desperate as she felt. She almost screamed when he pinched her nipple, not too gently. She couldn't remember being so turned on in her entire life.

Too bad he wasn't wearing one of those silly vests she'd been dreaming to tear off him for ages. She found his belt and unbuckled it with frantic hands instead.

To make up for their height difference, she wrapped a leg around him. He promptly grabbed her ass to haul her up against the wall. Not touching the floor now, all she could do was hold onto him as he pushed inside her, at long last, a craving finally fulfilled.


When Dyson finally woke up, Kenzi was almost fully dressed and altogether panicky. It was almost dawn and all she could think about was getting home before Bo got up and noticed her absence. She certainly didn't want to be caught creeping back home in that ridiculous dress.

"Morning," he said, and watched her cautiously as she walked around in a mad quest to find a missing stiletto, her evening gown gaping in the back.

"I don't suppose you'd volunteer to make breakfast?" he tried again.

When Dyson sat up, rubbing his face, the sheet gathered at his waist and for half a second, Kenzi contemplated the possibility of a quick round 2. Damn, he looked good. Focus on your escape plan, girl.

"Zip me up," she demanded. Better keep her back to him to avoid temptation. She stepped away the moment his hands started wandering.

"You, uh, need a lift?" he asked, his voice gruff.

"Y-yeah," she forced a chuckle. "That would be easy enough to explain."

God, she probably looked like a washed out emo panda. And her hair. Better not think about the hair. Where was that damn second shoe? Screw it, she could go barefoot.

"Bo can never know," she said.

She glanced his way just long enough to catch his nod.

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devon380black: daniel sharmandevon380black on October 28th, 2015 06:20 pm (UTC)
*screams internally because everyone is asleep in the house*

Looking forward to the next chapter. Kudos.

P.S. Will be saving this to my memories. :)
chinesebakery: LG- Kenzichinesebakery on October 28th, 2015 07:05 pm (UTC)
Hey, thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying this.

I *should* be able to post next chapter over the weekend, so stay tuned ;)